Staff Appraisal and Development Project

Client’s Requirements:

  • Create an infopath form which will record all the informtion for Teachers and students in a college.
  • Landing page for users with name, job position and Supervisor name.
  • There should be different detail forms for Junior teachrs,Secondary teachers.
  • There will be some forms which will record learning procees for students,results of learning for students,Ict skils.
  • At last the Accomplishment form and Submit form.
  • There should be a Supervisor comment field which will only be editabl for supervisors.
  • These forms will be editable with the respective permission for Teachers, Students and Supervisors.

Our Solution:

  • Created infopath form to record information for teachers and students.
  • There is a starting page which will have name, job position and supervisor name will automatically be fetched.
  • For junior and secondary teacher’s form they will fill up the report card details for students.
  • There is another forms which will record know students and how they learn.
  • Skills and knowledge,Planning and Organisation, Change and Flexibility, Customer Service,Initiative will be recorded there.
  • There is an accomplishment form.
  • In Supervisor form, supervisor will givve the comment and this page only be editable by supervisor based on permission and will be viewed by every user.

Output Images :