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Exceed Academy is opening centers for Robotics, IOT and VR for school and college students at every Pin-code in India Just fill the form below. Our Team will contact you ASAP.

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Definitely! The investment required is only INR 6 to 8 Lakhs depending on the location and there is a good opportunity to see an ROI within just 1 year of starting the business. Once you fill in the application, our franchise development team will be in touch with you and show you the plans and possible business opportunity. If you are convinced that you could perform the business as expected, then you could go ahead with the next steps.

Here is an excellent Franchise Opportunity to quickly establish a business in the education sector and have a quick ROI as well. With just a few lakhs of investment, you can start our education franchise in the field of Robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), Image Processing, Virtual Reality (VR) and more. You will be setting up Maker Lab – a learning centre for school & college students to step in and learn Robotics and all the other latest technologies. Training on how to start the business and how to establish the franchise centre (Exceed Academy) will be provided by us and you can start the franchise in less a month’s time from the initiation. Since there is no trainer required, Maker Lab is very easy for anyone to operate. The only work for you is to market in your area and manage the centre. Being an attractive model, there are already several franchises in India and they are considered the best in the education space for learning. Students love the courses and there is a huge demand when compared to other tutoring or tuition based franchise models. A sample business model along with marketing plans are also provided by us to ensure the success of the franchise.
Anyone with a great desire to be an entrepreneur, especially in the education sector. You may an aspiring home maker, fresh engineering or business management graduate, or the one who quit IT job just now, or a businessman wanting to extend your business. We already have them all as franchise owners. Their pride and enjoyment in owning their own business is immense – especially since it is in the field of education for the future betterment of the society. This will be a social impact based for-profit franchise for any aspiring entrepreneur.

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