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There are many things to be explored in STEM that is Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. So why not to start with Exceed Robotics which will help your Institution to gain the knowledge in Robotics from basic to Advance.



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Learn Robotics like never before with the best Mentorship team

Our Mentors team is well equipped to deliver theoretical as well as Hands-on Experience with KIT developed professionally by our worldwide teams. We won the tag for “BEST ONLINE ROBOTICS EDUCATION PROVIDER” at the India STEM Summit 2022.

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Robotics Works

Exceed Robotics Works was founded by a team of Mechatronics, computer and software engineers working for industries. At the same time came up with an idea of creating a perfect school to teach Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) to their own children and shortly after seeing a high demand expanded to our Canadian younger generations to better prepare them for future. We work to inspire children to explore the exciting world of engineering and technology and do our part in shaping a data-driven, innovative culture essential for our future economy.

What We Do

Engaging Industries, Corporates, Academia and Students

Research & Development

Robotics & AI Lab

Industry Development

Global Trade Development

Professional Certification

Robotics Literacy Program

F-Tech Magazine

World Robotics Championship

Things We Have


3D Printers

Handmade Printers for Educators and Mentors around the world

Collection of Robots

Concept/ Design​

Alpha Bot

Bluetooth Controlled Bot

Exceed Academy Lab​

Robotics Center​

India STEM Summit​

Best Online Education Provider​



The mission or we can call it as Milestone to Provide the best education so that each and every students will Innovate certain things and Solve the complex problem in our society. Improving skill along with learning that’s all we would like to see!

The mission is to educate each and every student around the world to improve their Skills.

We Execute Our Ideas from

Start to Finish

8+ Years of Rich Industry Experience

8+ Years of Rich Industry Experience

Gathering Information

Your Team will get in touch with us and we will help you to figure out what is best for your school’s and Institute’s. Setting up a LAB is not only the important part but to get a Instructor to run the courses on yearly basis with hands on sessions for the young minds.

Research, Ideas & Sketch

We help students to make their Idea’s presentable to International competitions. We teach them from the basics like developing Microcontroller system to implement critical thinking execution.

Testing & Improving

Through multiple brainstorming sessions we let them understand the importance of improving the design Ideas so that the best in class products they can create while learning.

Choose Your Best Plan For School

Pricing Packages


  • Per Student Per Month For First 36 Months
  • Kit in 1:10 Ratio
  • Teacher LMS Access
  • Train The Trainer
  • On Demand Support Service


  • Per Student Per Month For First 36 Months​
  • Kit in 1:8 Ratio
  • Student LMS Access
  • Teacher LMS Access
  • Train The Trainer
  • Lab Decoration
  • On Demand Support Service


  • Per Student Per Month For First 36 Months​
  • Kit in 1:4 Ratio
  • Student LMS Access
  • Teacher LMS Access
  • On Site Teacher
  • Lab Decoration
  • 12x5 Support Service

Note: For free demo class please call +91 97489 18239

Our Client


What are our clients saying about us

“It’s been great to see the outcome of the session we gave to the students by the help of Exceed Academy & Robotics. Our students is very excited and happy to make and work with their own built Robots. It is the best platform for the students to achieve their Goals. I would strongly recommend this to all students around the world.”

Bikas Banerjee

HOD ME, Abacus Institute

“Our students have greatly benefited from the impactful sessions led by Exceed Academy & Robotics. The experience has left them thrilled and invigorated as they work with their self-built robots. These sessions have provided invaluable hands-on experience, enhancing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills for future challenges. The platform offered by Exceed Academy & Robotics has been a catalyst for our students to achieve their goals and aspirations. We wholeheartedly recommend this outstanding program to students worldwide.”

Mrs. Mousumi Saha

Founder Principal at National English School, Kolkata

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