Project Management app

Client’s Requirements:

  • An organization should track and control how many projects are ongoing, canceled, on hold, completed, canceled or not started.
  • Organization should track expenses for every project.
  • Track and control works of employees and skills of employees who are associated with this project.
  • Track and control customers and equipment for every project.
  • Organization should track and control sites, site inspection and maintenance work for customers. They can also manage maintenance documents.

Our Solution:

  • By this Manage Document app, a project manager can add documents of every project that are assigned to him and general manager can view it.
  • In this General Manager dashboard, GM can view chart of Project Document, Maintenance Work, Contract Expiring, Material Lease Expiring, Project Task, and Project Expense.
  • In this Project Manager dashboard, PM can view chart of Maintenance Work, Project Task of those projects which are assigned to them. If the PM is also a GM then the GM can view Maintenance Work, Project Task for every project.

Output Images :