Outlook integration, setting up reports layout and embedding Power BI reports in Business Central

Client’s Requirements:

Version –
Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Online Client based in – South Africa


The client wanted Outlook to be integrated with the Business Central. Setting up of different price groups was another requirement. They wanted us to create customised reports layouts for sales, quotes, and purchase. Also, wanted to view the reports from Business Central data in a graphical format so that it will be easy for the company to examine the places they are lacking at.

The Challenges

  • Creation of customised report layouts
  • Setup of price groups, different clients with different pricing or tiers
  • Outlook & Business Central Sync
  • Embedding power BI reports in Business Central

The Solution

Customer required layouts for reports for example sales orders, quote and purchase order. This goal was achieved by creating custom report layouts and then exporting those layouts to the Business central.

Different price groups were set by the team members for the ease of the user for different types of clients.

Customer Price Group was used to group together customers for pricing purposes. Wholesale customers were grouped together and was given wholesale price instead of normal unit price whereas special customer was grouped together and was given special discount on different products. Rest of the customers was grouped together and was given normal unit price. The whole process was achieved by setting up Customer Price Group and then assigning Customer Price Group to the customer in the customer Card.

Mailbox was configured with the Business central so that one can receive mails on Outlook.

To embed the Power BI reports in business central, we created a report in Power BI that was connected to the D365 Business Central. The Power BI report was published in the Power BI workspace. Then the Power BI report was integrated in the Business Central.