Informatics ICC Project

Client’s Requirements:

  • Send the notification to Approver.
  • Check for Government hold.
  • Send an email to Hold Person coming from Configuration List.
  • For, Queue Manager, Assign the developer resource.
  • Present the question for QA resource.
  • Send the notification to Developer and QA.
  • Select status as Cancel : Complete the Workflow
  • If Design: Do nothing just save the value in the list If Development: Ask a question, Is Development completed? Select Status.
  • Approve request Result?
  • Yes: Show the survey form and complete the Workflow.


Our Solution:

  • Create PowerApps form for Requester submit form, Queue Manager Form, Developer form and some Review forms and add this PowerApps form to SharePoint page.
  • Create Landing page in SharePoint page.
  • Create Main Request form.
  • Add CRUD operation in these forms.
  • Add several functionality to this form as per client requirement.

Output Images :