Image Gallery App

Client’s Requirements:

  • User needs to link to Google maps if GPS location option is used.
  • Project name (Channel/Team name) is automatically added depending on where the app was opened from in Teams.
  • All fields marked with Asterisks (*) should be mandatory.
  • Same functionality as the PowerApps ‘Site Inspection’ template.
  • User needs to create a link to save all images in Team’s files area.
  • Each picture file name should be saved in the folder in the below format: YYYY-MM-DD_00h-00m-00s.ChannelName.GeneralArea.jpg

Our Solution:

  • This is an app build with PowerApp which is embedded in Microsoft Team.
  • Here location of General area will be automatically added by GPS location.
  • And Project name (channel name) will be automatically added from which group a user is logged in.
  • User can upload or capture images for each general area. This is done by using MS Flow.
  • These images will be saved in SharePoint library with a specific naming format.

Output Images :