Amazing Collaboration Of PowerApps Portal And A Global Merchant Bank To Create A Covid-19 Resource Center


Binayak Infotech provides assistance to a global merchant bank in order to build a Covid-19 resource center using PowerApps Portal for internal as well as external users.

Customer Requirements:

Customers were on the lookout for building a website that could masquerade as a Covid-19 resource center for external clients and internal employees. With the help of the website, customers were looking forward to sending invitations from the portal to their list of potential partners and clients. They would easily be able to login with their details and have access to constant updates regarding the pandemic. The need for Contact Us page and other inquiries was also fulfilled with the website.

Our Solution:

Binayak Infotech provided the perfect solution to these demands by the customers by using PowerApps portal. The portal has a secure and authentic way of providing all the solutions to the customers according to their purposes. Our company provided documentation required for adding the customers to this portal app. Not just that but we were also successful in providing a custom workflow team with the help of which customers were able to contact all their potential clients and send invitations in a seamless way. The landing page was modified to act as a sign-in page for customers after providing correct authentication. Also, Custom Page Templates were created for enabling the rapid addition of content.


• Zero downtime is required for maintenance purposes.

• Enhanced security is provided due to the presence of a Microsoft powered authentication option.

• Responsible websites with responsive themes could be built in a seamless manner using the Power Apps Portal.

• With the cloud solution, customers could eliminate their costs that were a result of the on-premises framework.

• Designing a low code portal application for customers who want key data without any hassle of extensive coding.